Free and Open Source Software Activity

Assaf "Gordy" Gordon is and has been an active member of the FOSS community for many years.

https://OpenGrok.HouseGordon.Com is an OpenGrok instance hosting many GNU (and some non-gnu) programs. OpenGrok is fast source code search and cross reference engine. is a build automated server designed to automatically test autotools-based projects over multiple POSIX-compatible operating systems. typical reports cover multiple OSes and versions (e.g. Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS/OpenSUSE, NetBSD,OpenBSD,FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, MacOSX, AIX, GNU Hurd, MINIX and more). is the complementary part to the test automation server - the website provides pre-configured qemu virtual machine images of many POSIX operating systems versions for download, each immediately ready (with preinstalled compiler and development tools) to be used to build and test software locally. A QEMU command-line builder tool makes using these images even easier.

GNU Datamash, created and maintained by Assaf Gordon, is a command-line tool developed specifically to address the needs of robust and reliable automation in data-intensive analysis pipelines. It bridges the gap between simple shell scripts checks and complicated ad-hoc scripting. Datamash is available as a standard package in many populatar distributions.

Assaf Gordon is a co-maintainer of GNU Coreutils, GNU sed and GNU time.
He has contributed to gnulib, findutils, gawk as well as other GNU packages.
His current long-term focus is adding multibyte support to coreutils.

Assaf Gordon is a administrator on GNU Savannah - The free source-code hosting server.